Romantic Fall Engagement Session at Fort Macon

Michaela + Matt

Romantic Fall Fort Macon Engagement Session


Michaela and Matt’s Fort Macon engagement session is giving me all the romantic, cozy, fall vibes! And I am here for it!

The first time Michaela and Matt met was at a bar in Beaufort, NC. Matt, trying to show off, decided to climb a tree and then promptly jump from the tree. And guess what? Little did he know that he had just caught the attention of his future fiancé . To this day, Michaela still has Matt in her phone as “tree jumper”.

By 2020, Michaela was spending every weekend with Matt living on his sailboat. Matt has spent his entire life around boats. Driving, building, sailing. You name it, he’s done it. So of course Matt pulled off a super romantic proposal that involved sailing to Cape Lookout. Matt’s original plan was to propose at the top of the lighthouse but … COVID, so he proposed on the sailboat with the lighthouse in the background. Michaela described their proposal as intimate, natural and personal, which was perfect for her. Obvy she said yes!

We celebrated Michaela and Matt’s engagement on a crisp fall evening at Fort Macon. They chose Fort Macon for their engagement session because the ocean is very dear to their hearts. They also are drawn to the beauty of the rolling dunes of Fort Macon as well. For these reasons, Fort Macon is also one of my absolute favorite places to photograph at in the fall!

We spent the evening jamming out to TSwift with the sand between our toes and the sun setting over the ocean. It was so hard to choose my favorites for the blog because I am so obsessed with their entire gallery, but that would make for a really long blog post. So…. sorry but also, you’re welcome haha.

Check out just a few of my favorites from Michaela and Matt’s romantic Fort Macon Engagement Session.


Photographer : Jessica Creech Photography

Location : Fort Macon

Couples, Weddings

November 18, 2021

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