"I'm a wrecking ball, lip-stick on, so I just thought I'd warn ya."
- Kylie Morgan

As much as I would LOVE to photograph every session, I totally understand that I won't be the right fit for all situations. I thrive in outdoor intimate ceremonies and lifestyle home sessions. I'm obsessed with messy hair, bare foot running, makeout sessions on the beach, snuggles on the couch and pillow fights. If this sounds like the perfect session to you, then yessssss!

Let's get to know each other!

Other titles that I admit to other than Photographer are wife to my pre-school bff, mom to four fur babies, book worn and theater geek. My idea of a perfect date night is swaying back and forth to a live band, beer in hand, wrapped in the arms of my hubby. Speaking of Jordan, you can find out more about him below as he's my second shooter. 

Wanna grab a beer or coffee and go over any burning questions you have? 

Okay, so now that we're like bffs, lets get to know each other a little better! I'm a small town girl, living in a lonely world... oh wait ... this isn't a karaoke sesh (although you can totally find me jamming out to Journey on Karaoke night). But I really am a small town girl based out of Kinston, North Carolina. I love traveling and going on new adventures but that doesn't mean you'll always find me jet setting off to new locations. If I'm totally honest, I'm terrified of flying. No, you can find me exploring our home town, windows down heading to the coast or hiking up the NC mountains. I'm a believer that you can find adventures in everyday little moments no matter where you are! 

about Jessica

Hi, I'm Jordan and I am so excited that you're interested in hanging out with Jess and me. I second shoot with Jess and on wedding days and help make the day run as smoothly as possible. On engagement sessions I'll be there to help with all of the behind the scenes things like helping switch out gear quickly, grabbing waters, and practicing my dad jokes. Here's one of my favorites - Why did the pizza quit his job? Because he wasn't making enough dough. It's okay, you can save the applause and laughs until your session. 

Obsessed with my cheesy dad jokes?

about Jordan

Sounds like the best time EVER? I thought so too!! 

If you've been picking up what I've been putting down then you've probably noticed that I'm not your typical prom pose photographer. Nah, fam. I'm all about getting those real, belly aching laughing moments because I want your images to tell a story, your story! Of course we'll totally get those mom and pops photos. You know, the ones of you posed and smiling at the camera that they'll print and frame on the mantle. As much as I LOVE those photos, they don't show who you are as a couple. 'How do we do that' you say. I've got you boo! I'll give you silly prompts like 'run towards the camera like you just left the bar without paying your tab after a night or drinking' or 'whisper what you had for breakfast in your sexiest voice into your lovers ear' or my favorite - the Disney Princess kiss. That's how we get your REAL smiles, laughter and emotion. Just think of your time with us like a date night where Jordan and I are the third and fourth wheel. We'll also be the best damn hype squad while we jam out to your favorite songs and tell you how FINEEEE y'all look! 

The Jessica Creech Photography Approach 

Most Sunday mornings you can find us in the kitchen making waffles and dancing while Ben Platt serenades us. #alexaplaybenplatt

The BEST night's sleep I've ever had was in New York City. Call me crazy but I love the sound of a busy city to lull me to sleep. 

I am obsessed with Halloween. And I don't say that lightly. I plan our costumes a year in advance and our home is more decked out for Halloween than Christmas. 

I also LOVE scary movies and ghost shows on the travel channel. However, I will not stay at my sister in laws house because I'm pretty sure it's haunted. #ghostadventures

My favorite sessions are when my couples aren't afraid to get a little dirty (get yo mind out of the gutter) and go all out for an adventure. I'm talking rolling around in the sand and running through waves. 

I'm a total book nerd. You can always find at least two books on my nightstand at all times and multiple audiobooks qued up. I mostly read horror and mystery (go figure). Jordan says if a book doesn't have a dead body somewhere in there, I'm not about it. #itstrue 

At any given moment there is a pretty big chance that I can break out into song and dance singing any song from any Broadway musical but my current fav is Six the Musical. #welcometotheshowtothehistoremix

fun facts