Roberson Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle Newborn Session | The Roberson Family

Lifestyle Newborn Session | Jessica Creech Photography

Of course, every session is my favorite, but Lifestyle Newborn Sessions will always have a special place in my heart. The love, excitement, and sweet baby noises met my heart every time.


I met the Roberson Family last fall for their session celebrating their growing family. Jordan and I both come from a big family so we felt right at home. We spent their whole session laughing, playing games, and getting to know each other better. So when I heard baby S had made her appearance, I was so excited to meet her! Just a heads up, when we photograph your session, we’re either going to become bff’s or honorary family members. That’s just how we roll.


I arrived at the Roberson’s house on a beautiful, sunny day, which is rare these past few weeks. I was greeted with the natural hustle and bustle of having a newborn as I walked into their home. Baby S’s older sisters crisscrossing through the living room, baby brother on the couch with grandma, and baby S wrapped up tight in Grandma’s arms. Lindsey then walked into the living room looking like a boho goddess as always. Side note: Y’all, I am not exaggerating when I say I am OBSESSED with Lindsey’s style. If you see photos of our home looking like their’s over the next few months, don’t be surprised. Their home could totally be in a magazine that I would tear out every page for inspiration!

We started their session with family photos snuggled up on their bed while everyone “awwed” over how beautiful Baby S is. Baby S is named after her mom and her paternal grandmother. A family name was very important to their family so Baby S was named after two very special women; her mom and her paternal grandmother.

Lifestyle Newborn Session | Jessica Creech Photography


We spent the rest of their session photographing everyone loving on Baby S and then ended with some snuggly mom and baby photos. These are always my favorite! Lifestyle newborn sessions can be hectic. First, you’re probably running on little to no sleep. Then you spend the morning getting everyone ready and your home ready. But all the chaos is worth it when you look down at your beautiful baby. I 100% always cry when editing mom and baby photos. Beautiful moments such as these are what make my job the best in the world.


Congratulations to the Roberson Family on their new beautiful baby girl. She has two amazing sisters to look up to, a brother who will always be her protector, and mom and dad who love her so much. Congratulations!

Are you expecting a new little one? I would love to capture those precious memories for you. Send us a message and we’ll plan out all the sweet little details. 


February 3, 2021

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