Wedding Wednesday – Abby and Jon

I’m throwing it back for today’s Wedding Wednesday with Abby and Jon’s Charleston couples session. While Jordan and I were in Charleston last October celebrating our one year anniversary, I was getting super anxious to break out my camera in such a beautiful city. I knew that Abby lived in Charleston and had recently gotten engaged, so of course I had to message her! I was so excited that her and Jon were not only available on such short notice but that they were willing to tour us around Charleston while we documented their beautiful love story.

Abby and I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone even if you’ve never hung out before. Yay for small towns! Abby and Jon were so sweet though it felt like we were catching up with old friends. They are both so kind,  funny and they are both brilliant! We laughed though out our whole session and Abby and I even girl screamed after showing her a few shots on the back of my camera.

These two have a one of a kind love that you can feel just being around them. The way Jonathan looks at Abby could make even the Grinch’s heart melt.

Thank you so much to these love birds for making this photographer’s heart so happy with an impromptu couples session. And thank you to my hubby for letting me crash our anniversary vacation to photographer a beautiful couple in a beautiful city!






April 3, 2019

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