Lindsey and Arnold’s Engagement Session

Lindsey + Arnold

Engagement Session – Wedding Wednesday

Fort Fisher, NC

Y’all, I am so smitten with these two and their beautiful love story. Jordan and I met Lindsey and Arnold last week down at Fort Fisher for their engagement session. This was our first time meeting them but it felt like we had been friends forever. We laughed and joked throughout their entire session. Not only are they so kind and sweet, they are both head over heels for each other. I love their session so much because you can feel the love they have for each other in every single one of their photos. The way Arnold looks at Lindsey with admiration had Jordan and I “awwing” all afternoon. We had so much fun exploring Fort Fisher together while chasing the sunset and learning all about Lindsey and Arnold’s story. Y’all, I’m going to go ahead and prepare you … you’re going to need to grab some tissues before reading the rest of this post. I know I sure needed them.

The Love Story of Lindsey + Arnold

as told by Lindsey

“Arnold and I met on the 4th of July in 2005 in Panama City Beach, Florida. I was vacationing with a friend that I cheered competitively with and he was vacationing next door with some of his military friends. I was 17, and Arnold was 19. Arnold was getting ready to go off on his first deployment to Afghanistan. I was entering my senior year of high school. We started talking at the beach because the boys were playing guitar and singing and asked us to join them and that’s when they found out I could sing. Arnold and I were drawn to each other instantly. We exchanged numbers at the end of the week, and honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever see him again. However, we stayed in touch and even during my first year of college while he was deployed and I dated someone else I wrote him throughout his entire deployment. When Arnold came back from his deployment he went on a road trip with one of his military friends up to NY when they were based in Louisiana. He had them drive through Morgantown, WV where he knew I went to school. I got to see him for the first time in two years and it felt like a dream. I had always told my family that if we lived closer I would be with him.

After I took them out on the town that night, Arnold and I started dating a month later. He actually asked me to officially date him while he was in Las Vegas for military training. He was at a bachelor party when he realized all he could do was talk about me so he left the party and called me and I said…’what do we have to lose?’ Six months after we started dating, he deployed to South Korea for a year. I got to see him for a week out of that year while I was still in undergrad. Finally when he came back state side they sent him to GA. We would often drive through the night to surprise each other to be able to spend one day together. Eventually it came time for him to re-enlist, but we decided we didn’t want that life so he got out and joined me at WVU where he got his engineering degree and I went to grad. school. Now we are finally in Roanoke, VA for his job.

Throughout the years of being together Arnold has been my rock. I live with multiple chronic diseases/illnesses and have not had an easy road to travel, but Arnold has made it much easier than it would have been without him. This is probably one of the main reasons why it took us so long to get married. Most years we have had so many medical bills we couldn’t afford it. We had to focus on getting me well. He has stayed with me through multiple new diagnoses and surgeries, and stays with me even though I may not be able to have children. He has stayed with me through it all, not knowing what my future might hold and what challenges we might face together, but regardless of what I am hit with he always stays and keeps me going when I don’t always want to. My life may not be easy, but I can tell you the best gift God has ever given me is Arnold.”

Jordan and I are so honored to document just a small piece of Lindsey + Arnold’s love story. It is so clear Lindsey + Arnold were made for each other. I can not wait to document their wedding day in October. Until then, grab that box of tissues as you scroll through just a few of my favorites from their engagement session. Be sure to check back in October for their wedding blog post and to hear their love story as told by Arnold.

xoxo. Happy Wedding Wednesday, love birds!



March 21, 2019

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