Kyle and Sam’s Humpback Rock Engagement Session

Have I ever told y’all that I broke up my husband’s common law marriage? Well.. here it goes. Four years ago, Sam and I became home wreckers when we broke up the common law marriage of Kyle and Jordan. For which, to this day, they have not let us forget. At that time, Kyle and Jordan had been roommates and best friends for seven years. Since then, we’ve all shared so many memories together, from summer concerts to riding my first roller coaster. They stood by mine and Jordan’s side as we said I do and we are so honored to be by Kyle and Sam’s side when they say their vows next September.

I can not imagine a more perfect pair than these two. Kyle and Sam both share a love of adventure, travel and creating the best memories possible with their family and friends. They would both move mountains to help the ones they love. Being around them could brighten up anyone’s day. From their infectious laughs to their witty senses of humor, they’ll keep you laughing all day.

When we began planning Kyle and Sam’s engagement session, I knew we HAD to plan an epic session to capture their love of travel and adventure. They recently moved to Virginia so we decided Humpback Rock would be the perfect location for their engagement session. Saturday afternoon Kyle, Sam, Jordan and I packed up our hiking gear and headed up Humpback Mountain. We took a few stops along the way but tried to keep moving as the temperature had dropped a chilling 20 degrees since we had left the house. As we hiked up the steepest part of the mountain, we found that ice had started to form on the rocks. Jordan and I were slipping and sliding all over and our camera even managed to hit a rock on the way up. Thankfully we had a lens filter and it was the only gear that didn’t survive the fall. When we arrived at the top of Humpback Mountain, we all did a little cheer and a round of high fives. The view was well worth the many slips and trips along the way up.

As cold as it was at the top of the mountain, you could never tell from the smiles on Kyle and Sam’s faces. These two share such a special love that they would climb any mountain to share moments like this together. Jordan hung onto a rock at the bottom of the cliff as I stayed a safe distance from the edge of the mountain to photograph Kyle and Sam’s fearless love. Kyle joked that Sam is a mountain goat as she would walk all the way to the edge of the cliff like it was nothing.

Kyle and Sam, I am so honored to be able to photograph this small piece of your love story. I am so excited to see the many adventures that life may lead y’all on. I cannot wait for the days when we’ll be planning our group trips with our munchkins running around. Thank y’all so much for allowing Jordan and I to capture these precious memories for you. And for also not laughing as we fell down numerous times. We love y’all and can’t wait to celebrate y’all’s love this upcoming year! xoxo

“Oh, I’ll take your hand when thunder roars. And I’ll hold you close, I’ll stay the course. I promise you from above. That we’ll take what comes, take what comes, love.” – Walking the Wire, Imagine Dragons


November 13, 2018

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